Technology Applications & Design

Product Strategy

MFLTD provides programming tools and technology to help corporations meet changing business requirements. The company's state-of-the-art programming solutions allow developers to manage and extend their enterprise applications for client/server computing, legacy maintenance and development, and Year 2000 assessment and implementation. MFLTD also offers support and consulting services.

Business Solutions

  • Year 2000 - Providing SoftFactory/2000 solutions for preparing systems to handle the millennium date-change.
  • Client/Server Computing - Developing and deploying production systems in distributed environments.
  • Legacy Systems - Providing application development tools to better manage and extend mainframe IT assets.
  • Support Services - Offering organizations a wide range of support services that enhance the value of MFLTD solutions.

  • Market Firsts

  • 1977 Develops first COBOL compiler for a microcomputer
  • 1981 Introduces Animator, industry's first visual debugger
  • 1982 Offers first-ever Kanji version of PC COBOL, Japan becomes a major market for MFLTD
  • 1983 Announces first COBOL language for the Macintosh
  • 1988 Ships COBOL compiler for OS/2
  • 1991 First COBOL Windows development tool
  • 1995 Ships the first true 32-bit COBOL compiler to support both procedural COBOL and object-oriented COBOL programming
  • 1996 First native Windows 95 development environment for COBOL
  • 1997 Delivers SoftFactory/2000, a comprehensive Y2K solution

  • Sales and Technical Support

    MFLTD offers its products through a direct sales force and industry-leading OEMs. With unique full-service capabilities, MFLTD provides an international network of support, consulting, training and technical assistance services.